Bitcoin Core Forks: Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash

Why does a fork happen? Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency, and therefore transactions are a democratic “public agreement.” A “fork” is a change to the code of a cryptocurrency, resulting in two different versions of the blockchain. Fork’s will continue to take place as new technology integrates with the blockchain, this is the natural … Continue reading Bitcoin Core Forks: Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash »

United Fans GOAL coin Cryptocurrency and Fan Voting Platform

Pioneer leaders in the soccer community As pioneers in the blockchain Soccer management sector, aims to be proactive leaders in the soccer community by providing technology solutions for collaboration between fans and team managers. Owner Niv Tal and some of the worlds best computer programmers have developed a solution. The GOAL is to unite … Continue reading United Fans GOAL coin Cryptocurrency and Fan Voting Platform »

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) 2018

“Bitcoin Gold aims to make Bitcoin mining decentralised again.” By simply differing from Bitcoin’s proof-of-work SHA256 to Equihash algorithm, everyday miners using GPU can mine Bitcoin Gold easily, and even though the GPU mining market is competitive and varies, Bitcoin Golds difficulty adjusts every block in order to compensate for the fluctuations. Anyone who has spare … Continue reading Bitcoin Gold (BTG) 2018 »

What does Ethereum smart contracts use the blockchain for?

Blockchain technology is expected to be fast enough to power the Internet of things (IoT) and is going head-on with the major financial institutions of the banking world. Blockchains are being developed by banks, industries, and governments worldwide. Some commonly known use cases include  payment systems and digital currency, helping crowd sales, and implementing prediction … Continue reading What does Ethereum smart contracts use the blockchain for? »

Crypto Security

Cryptographic Security Cryptographic security is a common concern for many when being introduced to the ever growing world of blockchain technology. Hacking is on the rise and rumors are spreading of countries engaging in secret cyberwars. The precarious matter of data hacking and identity theft has never been so problematic. How will Bitcoin keep your … Continue reading Crypto Security »

Blockchain EHR

Electronic Health Record EHR Blockchain Electronic Health Records Blockchains are being developed to solve a well-known problem in the medical field, interoperability. They use Blockchain Technology as a secure decentralized database to record, store and transfer dental records. It has been suggested that a Blockchain could be the solution to the well-known problems current EHR’s … Continue reading Blockchain EHR »

How bitcoin uses cryptography to mine and store bitcoin


Bitcoin Bitcoin is a virtual currency stored on a blockchain and secured using encryption.  Technically speaking it’s an Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) that is used to store, validate, and transfer digital tokens on a digital ledger called the blockchain. Recording transaction is an exhaustive process otherwise referred to as “mining.” Miners are computers … Continue reading How bitcoin uses cryptography to mine and store bitcoin »

Bitcoin Mining Basics

Basics of Bitcoin Mining Proof of Work Miners use Proof of Work (PoW) encryption to make sure the accuracy and security of every bitcoin transaction. Every transaction creates multiple hash outputs, which are assigned a Transaction Identifier (TXID). Transactions are recorded and grouped into “blocks” by bitcoin Miners. Each and every bitcoin transaction is recorded … Continue reading Bitcoin Mining Basics »

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Unsolved Mystery

 Unsolved Mysteries – Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin was first described in October 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto issued a paper to’s cryptography email list. 3 months later, after the first software release of Nakamoto’s digital , the first tokens were mined and the blockchain began. Satoshi called the tokens “bitcoins” and he claimed that work … Continue reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s Unsolved Mystery »

What the blockchain does for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Blockchain   The Bitcoin Blockchain can be simply explained as a distributed ledger for recording, storing, and transferring information. The blockchain will revolutionize business and redefine companies, economies, and even governments.  It is now possible for every agreement, every process, every task, and every transaction to have a digital record and signature. Blockchain technology is proving to be the most significant … Continue reading What the blockchain does for Bitcoin »